While political elections can often leave you on the edge of your seat with a neck-and-neck race that is difficult to predict, many psychics feel confident in their clairvoyant abilities – even in the midst of a presidential campaign.

Psychic Predictions for the 2012 Presidential Election

Thanks to the powers of hindsight, we now know that Obama was the winner of the 2012 presidential election. But far before results were in, as early as late October 2012, two renowned psychics in the US predicted that Obama would win.

Although it was evident to the average observer that the race was close at best, psychic Denise Siegel confirmed her prediction that the race would be tight. She believed that Romney would lead the polls up to the day of the election, but that Obama’s astrological advantage would help him to win on Election Day. Astrological signs can be difficult to work with, unlike a quick search for ‘rent dumpster denver‘- there are no easy ways to get results or read into it.

Another psychic named Stephen Petullo did a tarot card reading and found favorable results for Romney. He believed that Obama’s cards indicated loss and failure; in the case of this presidential election, he was clearly wrong.

As early as May 2012, a panel of astrologers in New Orleans provided a unanimous prediction that Obama would win as president. Their reasoning was that Mercury was in retrograde, which would cause voting ballot irregularities.

Can Psychics Predict Election Outcomes?

As of yet, it is difficult to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that psychics can predict unknown election outcomes above political evidence already advertised in the news. However, as outlined above, psychics prior to the 2012 presidential election leaned in the direction of Obama, who is now our current president.

According to Gazette.com, two out of three psychics believed that Obama would win the presidential election. Some of predictions were based on astrology charts, while others were inspired by palm readings and handwriting analysis.

While many psychics could agree that Obama would win as president, other notable psychics went so far as to predict a threat on his life in his second term. Psychic and author Sylvia Brown believed that while Obama was a shoe-in for president, an attempt would be made on his life after the election.

If you’re itching to find out who is going to win an upcoming political race, you could turn to the stars for guidance. Based on the predictions for the 2012 presidential election, most psychics were on track. However, the only guarantee of a political win is when the votes are tallied at the end of a race.