Good genes and good looks don’t always add up to a healthy life. What If We All Voted is an online digest for men that tackles the different aspects of men’s health as well as certain issues that they are afraid or too shy to ask.

Health and Fitness

What’s on the News – This is about what’s behind every man’s health issues and how he should deal with it. Also, it includes tips and advices on how to adapt a healthier lifestyle instead of just knowing the latest headlines.

The Doctor Is In­ – This section is about health topics that many men secretly want to know about. Specifically, it contains solid advice related to sex, erectile dysfunction, sports related injuries, and many others. As long as it’s about health problems, this is the place to visit.

Growing Muscles – Though not every man likes to grow huge muscles, but for many body builders, this can be a very addicting hobby. Bodybuilders who use steroids and men that just want to grow muscles naturally are two very different kinds of people. For anyone that feels he needs to know about the risks of steroids and other drugs, this section has some valuable expert advice to offer.

Relationships and Sex

Date and Play – This section is dedicated to men that are on the dating scene. Men that have many questions about dating, sex, women, sexual orientation, and relationships can have their questions answered here.

The Science of Sex – Men are more curious about sex and most of them are not really shy about it. When it comes to knowing the science behind sexual pleasure and health, this section has everything there is to know.

Woo And Win – Wooing women is something most men can never fully understand. For any man that wants to woo and win a woman and make her happy, this section offers tips on how to win over a girl of his dreams.

Food and Lifetsyle

What’s On The Plate – This section provides great recipes on how men can cook a very manly meal for themselves. For any bachelor that do not have a woman around, he could always use some great recipes and tips for a healthy, hearty meal at home.

Drinks of Love – Men drink for many reasons. But when it comes to heartache, they usually drink as if there’s no more tomorrow. For any man that have love troubles, this section is a helpful guide to get him back on his feet again.

Old Habits Die Hard – Indeed, men just can’t shake of old habits easily such as drinking, smoking, and drugs. To help men manage addiction, this section is focused on giving men the means to find a good reason and solution to remain sober and eventually quit the old bad habits.